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Bruno Haas

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The creations of Bruno Haas have been to many exhibitions all around the world. Here is a list that speaks for itself: Galerie Heseler, München; EP Galerie Düsseldorf; Art expo New York; Kramskoy Museum Woronesch, Rußland; Buchmesse Frankfurt; City Galerie Kranich, Zürich; Festung, Salzburg; Electronica, München; Kunstverein Gammelgaard, Kopenhagen; Salon des 4 z'Arts, Lons-le-Saunier, France; Neues Theater, Frankfurt; Graphik Messe, Dresden; ambiente, Frankfurt; Cebit - 1&1 / RT-Distribution, Hannover; Deutsche Bank, Stuttgart; Daimler Chrysler, Rastatt; ABC Show Atlanta and more.

If you would like to know more about Bruno Haas and his artwork please send us an email. For ordering information please see our Info-page. As to his custom projects please contact us.

More about the artist you will find in "Bruno Haas, Poetical Art", ISBN 3-922107-49-4, 127 pages, german/english, many images (!). The book is available at your local dealer or e.g. at amazon.de.

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Picture: Hohenloh'sches Hafermehl

Hohenloh'sches Hafermehl
Collage. Size 240 x 133cm, 94.49 x 52.36inch

Notes on `Hohenloh'sches Hafermehl'

Let us journey through the picture. One could plunge into the many different colours and shapes, gambol here and there. Still the entire impression does not release you. It guides you to the initial encounter. It now captures your eye, lets it wander over the paper and discover so many details. A piece of corrugated cardboard becomes a staircase leading to a bridge, this in its turn crossing a river. A theatre stands on the banks of the river, stubblefield reaped of its harvest. It's not the theatre, just the entrance ticket, or a piece of old jute. Phantasy inspires, it becomes aware of creation. The Hohenloh'sche oatmeal stands out. One lingers serenely. An association is hard to find. It is what it is and that's right so. Lines and surfaces lead to a tower. It looks as if a birds-nest is in the treetops. It looms above so much. A wooden fence with holes. It no longer separates. It merely indicates boundaries. With a little effort they can be overcome. A bridge rests on mighty pillars. With a precise glance we reach a deep blue, whose depth engulfs us. It turns to green and finally below to a blowing gold. We could undertake the journey in the reverse direction, for this sunny patch illuminates the picture and enraptures us. An old shuttle rests in the middle. One is overcome with nostalgic thoughts. It revives a time long gone. A time of importance for the region, from which it derives. We not only see a collage of colours and shapes but also of memories, joy, departure and nostalgia. All of this and much more is combined together, rests very closely to each other. (Martina David Wenk)

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